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sometimes when you sell a product in virtuemat you want to to be able to show the customer what the main product contains, e.g glasses contains lens.

here is a short tutorial:



the plugin vmcustom materials allows you to add materials product to the main product

1.download and install the plugin

2.place if needed the id’s of other custom fields, in the pluging params.

3. in virtuemat->products->custem fields section, establise a new custom field' plugin type, and choose materilals plugin.

4. then go to specific product in virtuemart, go to custom field tab, and add material ,strat to type in product name, it will auto complete the product for you, fill in quantity and the other custom fields.

5.repeat it as many times you need

The plugin was built on Joomla 2.5 and vm 2, and wasn't tested on other platform

 Download the plugin





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